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LCpl Mike Jernigan "You know it's never going to be easy...but you do it anyway."
Sgt Tim C "Warriors are sheepdogs.  They are forgotten about until the wolves come."
MSgt Ishmael C   "We've got to stick together and fight for our lives..."
Sgt Scott Montoya "War stamped on my soul that there's true evil in the world."
Col Michael Yunck   Commented a surgeon, "He's going to lose his leg because he was too compassionate."
Sgt Frank Cardamone   "I always kept my country out in front of me."
LtCol Hans Heinz, Sr. "You need warriors...and you need somebody to defend this country..."
Sgt Bobby E "One of the worst things you can do in war is let down a friend."
LCpl Chris Johnson "I was willing to make the sacrifice - the ultimate sacrifice..."
2ndLt Ilario Pantano "Some people are meant to call 911; some people are meant to be 911."
Col James D. McGinley "More than courage, more than ferocity, it is determination that distinguishes a Warrior."
1stSgt Irwin H "People go about their daily lives not wanting to identify the dark clouds..."
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  • LCpl Mike Jernigan LCpl Mike Jernigan
    "You know it's never going to be easy...but you do it anyway."
  • Sgt Tim C Sgt Tim C
    "Warriors are sheepdogs.  They are forgotten about until the wolves come."
  • MSgt Ishmael C MSgt Ishmael C
      "We've got to stick together and fight for our lives..."

Future Leaders

Mission Statement

National security and international affairs.

Developing leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft.

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Educational Philosophy

IWP teaches the use of the various instruments of power.

As Theodore Roosevelt observed, "To educate a man in mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society."

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Raison D'Etre

The Institute's overall reason for being.

To fill a major national need for professional education in statecraft and national security affairs.

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Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows

In this critical wartime era, highly educated professionals in domestic leadership positions will be equivalent to and as critical as those in our military who fight on other fronts. Competent, motivated leadership in national security, counter-terrorism, statecraft and economics will forge a path to success for the nation.

There are no better people to serve in these roles than our combat veterans, who have shown tenacity, toughness, bravery, dedication, and leadership fighting to support the values and to protect the freedoms our great nation has to offer.

While all veterans' service and sacrifice is respected and honored in this time of war, the Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows program seeks those members of the armed forces who have actually engaged the enemy in combat and have qualified for the Combat Infantryman Badge (USA), the Combat Action Ribbon (USMC), or an equivalent award; or those who have served in a military support capacity which has placed them in harm's way, i.e., in life-threatening circumstances. Combat veterans have demonstrated the highest commitment possible to the service of America and deserve the opportunity to attain the same high levels of service and success in our nation's leadership positions.

For many, the costs of obtaining a graduate degree are prohibitively high, and tuition is not the only obstacle. Veterans pursuing graduate study rarely have the financial resources to pay their living expenses without working, especially if they have families to support. Benefits available under even the new expanded version of the G.I. Bill are insufficient to meet these financial realities. The Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows program, working with The LOOC Foundation,  will bridge this serious gap.


Posted On
May 17, 2010
Posted By
0 Patriot
Mr. Grammer,

Thank you so very much for your determination to help the outstanding men and women that have served our country, move into leadership positions to represent the citizens of The United States of America.

I no longer donate to the RNC.......that's like giving money to the drug dealer on the corner to buy a hot meal for the druggie....any money I have to contribute goes directly to the candidate.

The KGLF program will be at the top of my list for donations, and to make friends and family aware of the program as well.

And, I have said for the past year, we need to convince General Petraus to consider running for President, would love to see the left wing media cover that story!

Best regards,

Jeanie Beck
Posted On
May 17, 2010
Posted By
0 American citizen
At last, a voice of reason from the land of 'make believe'.
Posted On
May 17, 2010
Posted By
0 RE: Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows
This is the best idea I have heard to help America. Thank You Kelsy G. for doing this. May God Bless what you are doing to give the USA back the good leadership it needs.
Posted On
May 17, 2010
Posted By
0 SFC-E7, Retired
I'm not it the position at the moment to make a donation. But, I will follow your program and in the future be able to support your program financially.
Posted On
May 17, 2010
Posted By
0 SFC-E7, Retired
Not able to make a financially donation, but support your program. Hopefully in the future I can donate.
Posted On
May 17, 2010
Posted By
+1 RE: Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows
I think this is a great concept. Besides donating, what else can we do to help encourage and propel former warriors into the vacuum of America's political structure?
101st Airborne Division
Posted On
May 24, 2010
Posted By
0 RE: Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows
I am interested in what you are attempting to do. Very good idea.
Posted On
Jun 14, 2010
Posted By
0 Major
Message for Mr. Grammer:

Should your travel schedule find you in Frazier's old haunt of Seattle this November 7th, The U.S. Marine Corps Support Group would be very pleased to have you as our guest at our Marine Corps Birthday luncheon. Our Support Group's Marine veteran membership supports through donations the Wounded Warrior Semper Fi! fund, the VA Fischer House, the USMC Junior ROTC High School program and the Bianchino MECEP scholarship program.

If this can work into your schedule, please let me know and we can provide a "somewhat" more formal invitation!


Chris Tibbs
Major, USMC (ret)
Posted On
Jun 24, 2010
Posted By
0 Where's the Constitution?
There is an Elephant missing here called the Constitution (and Bill of Rights) I see nothing on your website pertaining to our precious liberties, freedoms and allegiance to these documents. Please explain.
Posted On
Nov 14, 2011
Posted By
0 Combat Vet interested in the KGLF program
I am a former paratrooper who served in Iraq, earning my Combat Infantryman's Badge. I am completing my Bachelors degree at Purdue University and wish to pursue my MA at IWP. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Posted On
Jan 26, 2012
Posted By
0 Mr.
I am interested in this program. I am a OIF combat vet. looking to obtain a graduate degree at IWP, upon graduation at Purdue Univ. Please let me know how I can do this! Thank you!
Posted On
Apr 07, 2013
Posted By
0 Warriors
A film that all should see -- to honor our warriors


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