Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows

In this critical wartime era, highly educated professionals in domestic leadership positions will be equivalent to and as critical as those in our military who fight on other fronts. Competent, motivated leadership in national security, counter-terrorism, statecraft and economics will forge a path to success for the nation.

There are no better people to serve in these roles than our combat veterans, who have shown tenacity, toughness, bravery, dedication, and leadership fighting to support the values and to protect the freedoms our great nation has to offer.

While all veterans' service and sacrifice is respected and honored in this time of war, the Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows program seeks those members of the armed forces who have actually engaged the enemy in combat and have qualified for the Combat Infantryman Badge (USA), the Combat Action Ribbon (USMC), or an equivalent award; or those who have served in a military support capacity which has placed them in harm's way, i.e., in life-threatening circumstances. Combat veterans have demonstrated the highest commitment possible to the service of America and deserve the opportunity to attain the same high levels of service and success in our nation's leadership positions.

For many, the costs of obtaining a graduate degree are prohibitively high, and tuition is not the only obstacle. Veterans pursuing graduate study rarely have the financial resources to pay their living expenses without working, especially if they have families to support. Benefits available under even the new expanded version of the G.I. Bill are insufficient to meet these financial realities. The Kelsey Grammer Leadership Fellows program, working with The LOOC Foundation,  will bridge this serious gap.