Col James D. McGinley

"Warriors are America's guardians.  We stand ready, across the globe, to defend the peace and tranquility enjoyed in this fragile experiment called Democracy.

While entire continents have suffered the tyranny of dictatorships, fascism, and communism, Americans have been cradled in the fullness of liberty.  This can only be possible because in each generation warriors have stood watch, joined the battle, and defeated all who would challenge our precious freedom.

Warriors know the fullest extent of the human condition.  We experience the height of glory in victory, and know the depths of despair in defeat.  Our greatest privilege is to be counted among the prized few who believe in something far greater than the sanctity of our own lives.  Willing to risk everything because nothing less than the destiny of our Nation depends on us.

We are chosen for our ability to function in the chaos and horror of war.  Our hallmark is determination.  More than courage, more than ferocity, it is determination that distinguishes a Warrior.  When pain, fear, and fatigue challenge the spirit, it is the strength of dogged determination that fortifies the Warrior to press the battle.

Those who have never worn the Cloth of our Nation may call it the military, but those in uniform will always say The Service.  By serving, we have risked everything, even life itself, so that this great Nation may be free.  Each generation has its champions who have guaranteed every right, every liberty, and every freedom that we Americans cherish.  It is a privilege to be counted among those who answered the call to serve."


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