1stSgt Irwin H

"I think in society people go about...their daily lives not really wanting to identify the dark clouds or the ugliness...It's easy to look aside and not accept what is actually happening...the sacrifices those individuals are making out there for the United States and the American way of life.  It's easy to push blame on the cost of gasoline and everything else, but the reality is there are a lot of people out there that are making a difference...to maintain the average American's way of life regardless of which lifestyle they have chosen...They really do not realize in a 24 hour period over in that sandbox that's called Iraq there are a lot of servicemen doing a lot of tremendous things for their way of life...

...It's not something for their self-gain, I think those individuals are desiring to give back to society.  I think it's their acceptance of sacrifice and I think that's what the American public needs to realize, readjust, and accept."



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