2ndLt Ilario Pantano

"War is difficult.  It has consequences on the populace and on the home front.  The loss is tremendous - not just of warriors, but of innocents, of blood, of treasure - all of these things certainly.  In fact it is the most wasteful, terrible, endeavor that man ever engages in.  The only tragedy, of course, is that it's necessary for societies to continue."

U.S. Marine Corps Second Lieutenant Ilario Pantano enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17, served in Desert Storm, became a sniper and trained with militaries  around the world.  Pantano left the Marines and earned his business degree from New York University in three years, studying at night while working for the premier investment bank Goldman Sachs.  Witnessing the attacks of 9/11, Pantano fought to return to the Marines and, as a 31 year old lieutenant, led an infantry platoon in Iraq.