LCpl Chris Johnson

"I was willing to make the sacrifice - the ultimate sacrifice, but I can't really say it scared or deterred me.

I don't want history to remember me at all.  I want history to remember all the guys, men and women, who...were willing to serve our country.  I want them to remember us.  We know that we served."

Editor's Note:  On May 23, 2008, LCpl Chris Johnson, a retired right arm amputee from the war in Iraq, went missing while fishing on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.  Along with the family, Marines searched for their missing brother until he was finally found, having succumbed to the river, a week later.  It was a uniquely devastating tragedy that the heroic Marine, who had already survived deadly missions in Fallujah, perished while fishing near his hometown.

Rest in peace, Chris.




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