Sgt Scott Montoya


"I was a man before I went to war.  War did not define me as a man.  What war did to me kind of stamped on my soul that now there's true evil in the world. And there are evil men and evil prevails when good men do nothing.  I wanted to do something."

On April 8, Sgt. Scott Montoya was organizing Marine defenses when his company came under attack.  Five different times, Montoya, 37, a Marine reservist, ran across open ground swept by enemy fire to rescue people.

When an Iraqi civilian car was caught in the crossfire, Montoya dragged a wounded passenger to safety.  He led a dazed Marine to safety, dragged another one who was unconcious out of the line of fire, and rescued a third, carrying him several hundred yards.

"My legs were burning like there was battery acid pumping through them, " says Montoya.  "I knew there was no way, while I had a breath of air in my lungs, that I was going to leave that Marine lying there."